Crystal Ball

What’s in store for The Curated Crave? Well our mission is quite ambitious: to become your sole source for balanced lifestyle products. What does balanced lifestyle mean to us? One needs a little bit of the following to enjoy life: Health, Design, Fashion, Experience, Decor, Charity, Laughing and Loving. And we intend on satisfying your crave for each. 

And to make accessing your craves a little easier, we will be launching a pretty cool mobile app, if we do say so ourselves. Our app makes payment a breeze. Just tap twice and your crave is on its way to your front door.

Interested in receiving 6 products each month to try out? Sign up to receive our Curated Crate. There is no obligation to purchase anything. Simply receive the Curated Crate to your front door each month and enjoy the products that our team has curated for you. If you like anything, keep it and we will charge your card. Whatever you don’t like, simply send it back in the pre-paid mailer. The Curated Crate costs $39 per quarter and is only available on a limited basis. So sign up to join our waiting list. If you choose to purchase an item from the Curated Crate, the $39 fee will be applied to the cost of the product.

The Curated Crave is also building a pretty handy social gift giving widget that you can email or share through social media. It’s a quiz that you can gift to people, and upon completion, our algorithm suggests gifts that we stock. Take the guess work out of gift giving.

But we don’t stop there. Do you have something you think is cool and want to sell it? Send us a pic and brief description, we will verify its authenticity, send you a pre-paid box, and add it to The Curated Crave’s marketplace. Then we will pay you via PayPal once it sells. Easy as pie.

And don’t even get us started on our pop-up shops and mobile lounge which you can sign up here to learn more about. So check back often to satisfy your crave – The Curated Crave.

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