Cork Bowls

Round Soft Cork Bowls



100% natural cork fabric
Medium: 9″ diameter
Large: 12″ diameter

This is one of those products that amazes those who see and feel it. Since you can’t do that online, we’ll do our best to describe it: it’s smooth, warm, and pliable – almost leather-like – though it’s made entirely from cork.

Specifically, this bowl is made from two layers of cork sewn together. This gives it an uncanny structural integrity, allowing the form to hold its shape, the sides to be folded over, and even withstand regular machine washing.

If you weren’t already impressed, this soft cork fabric is also naturally anti-microbial and stain resistant.

As you might imagine, these bowls are great for containing anything you might have. Use it in the kitchen for fruits and vegetables, or around the house for just about any purpose.

Round Soft Cork Bowls are available in two sizes, and are sold individually. Make your selection from the pull-down menu below.

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle; do not bleach. Line dry; do not iron.

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