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Need up to the second information about your health, no matter where are you are? Find out what effects exercise or meals have had on your weight immediately with the Portable Body Scale. This slimmed down scale fits into most handbags, and will provide your weight accurately and reliably thanks to a toughened glass construction that holds up to 330 pounds. Bright red LED lights make the result easy to see, while a beeping system lets you know when the scale has accurately found your weight.

Not interested in taking your scale with you everywhere you go? Not a problem – the Portable Body Scale has a sleek, modern look that will look terrific in any home and save space. The reading can be changed from pounds to kilograms using a switch on the bottom. For best results, use the Portable Body Scale on a hard surface.

Always be on top of your health, anytime, anyplace. After all, is there anything more important?

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