Elegant Vintage Kitchen Timer (More Colors)



Cooking at home is both fun and tasty. Of course, there will still be microwave meals and questionable foods in the supermarket, but the more people learn, the more they want to go to their local farmers and buy fresh veggies, a dozen eggs, and a big chunk of bacon. (If you haven’t experienced bacon fresh from the farm, you have not lived.)

So why not throw your kitchen decor back to the simpler time when dinner was made from scratch? The Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer is a simple device, but its elegant design made us smile. Twist the edge of the face to set the timer for up to 55 minutes and be sure to set a place at the table for us!

Product Specifications

  • Vintage style kitchen timer for old school cooks
  • Twist the edge of the face to set the timer
  • Counts down up to 55 minutes
  • Material: Steel and plastic
  • Dimensions: 2.25 x 3.25″
Additional Information

Blue, Red

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