Filter as you drink Water Bottle (More Colors)


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A reusable filtered water bottle that filters as you drink. Its carbon-based filter eliminates chlorine and other organic contaminants from the water as you sip.

It is a product shaped under the philosophy of design with a purpose, striving for a sustainable future while simultaneously working to save your wallet. Engineered to change people’s drinking habits by decreasing the mass consumption of single-serve water bottles (an industry costing American’s $15 billion dollars a year), one bottle filter equals roughly 300 plastic water bottles.

  • BPA Free, FDA Approved and Made in the USA
  • Refillable, reusable and can be recycled
  • Bobble filter is equivalent to 300 water bottles that won’t go to landfills!
  • Charcoal Filter
  • Makes A Great Gift
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Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Purple


13 Ounce, 18.5 Ounce, 34 Ounce

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